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Building strategy of real estate expansion in Poland and land banking
Planning and developing optimal methods of land acquisition for the achievement of client’s business goals, desired volumes and financial results
Selection of investment locations at the national, regional and municipal level, also in the context of:
demand (apartments, micro-apartments)
infrastructure (warehouses, production halls)
size of the population in the immediate vicinity (shopping centres, office buildings, hotels)
risk and opportunity identification
Supporting the expansion strategy through establishing rules of cooperation with various parties on the real estate market (architects, lawyers, engineers, cost estimators, sales agents, surveyors)
Choosing the best types of procedures for purchasing transactions
Marketing strategy for land purchase
Developing effective methods of competing for investment land opportunities
Marketing strategy and its implementation targeting the potential sellers (individuals, companies, liquidators, receivers, bailiffs, local government authorities)
Implementation of land acquisition, analysis and purchasing process
Planning, implementing and optimizing the course of the purchasing process for the investor, including:
variant procedures
time efficiency and quality
transparency and principles of compliance management
Cooperation with the parties involved in the analysis and sales of land
Preparation and modification of contracts: non-disclosure agreement (NDA), letters of intent (LoI), contracts with property agencies, land absorption analysis and other specialist studies, engineering and other services.
Developing principles of cooperation with parties in the real estate markets (architects, lawyers, engineers, cost estimators, sales agents, surveyors)
Building investor’s presence in the real estate market
Identifying land investment opportunities
Direct inquiries among individuals, legal entities, liquidators, bailiffs, receivers, local government authorities, architects, Treasury companies, investment funds, commercial and residential developers for all types of land, developed and undeveloped, construction land and that for greenfield and brownfield investments.
Selective land search based on the SIP and GIS systems.
Marketing the client’s intention to purchase land, targeting all parties involved in the sale of real estate (brokers, appraisers, liquidators, receivers, bailiffs, local government authorities), landowners and users (based e.g. on geolocation).
Developing medium and long-term approach to gaining knowledge of local government planning intentions and strategies (e.g., road building, land development plans, potential changes to the local spatial development documentation).
Land-use change
Initiating activities and participation in:
the process of amending the study of land-use conditions and spatial development
activities aimed at land-use change (by enacting or amending the local spatial planning decisions, obtaining land development decisions or applying the principles of special-purpose laws)
negotiations and consultations with the local government authorities and their decision- and law-making organs.
Land absorption analysis and other studies
Studies aimed at the assessment of:
location of the planned investment
urban and environmental conditions
logistics and accessibility
availability of infrastructure
requirements for utilities
economic viability
or specialist analysis in:
site absorption
building conditions
environmental impact
advisability of staging the investment
development of project and technological assumptions, etc.,
preparation of preliminary schedules for the entire project or implementation of works
Marketing of developer’s products - housing construction
segmentation of the offer by standard and construction cost:
apartments/premium housing
segmentation of the offer by customer:
purchases to satisfy housing needs versus investment purposes
apartments for families
corporate employees
senior citizens
or cohousing
balancing the profit-related business context against the requirements of future residents
structure of apartments and average square meterage
ceiling height and wall thickness
total surface area to usable and residential space ratio
location of apartments in relation to the four geographic directions
size of biologically active area
types of greenery
parking spaces, roads and pavements
aesthetics of buildings and entire housing estate
availability of commercial premises
Negotiation of land purchases, preparation of sales documents
Selection of the most beneficial purchasing procedure.
Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), letter of intent (LoI), preliminary and final agreements, conditional agreements, joint ventures, commissioned purchases, assignment of rights and obligations.
Evaluation of property.
Optimizing land purchases for compliance with the Law on Formation of the Agricultural System and obtaining approvals of National Centre for Agricultural Support (KOWR) for sales.
Due diligence analyses of land and companies
Pre-purchase audits of land:
land and mortgage register
administrative and legal
fiscal and financial
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