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Consultancy at the investment preparation stage.
Matching investments to the Client’s business goals.
Preparing approximate cost and deadline estimates.
Inspecting the technical condition of real estate.
Verifying the legal status of real estate.
Contract Consulting
Consultancy and support at the contract preparation stage.
Analysis and preparation of technical annexes and blueprints.
Participation in negotiations.
Framework investment schedules.
Analysis of Client's current contracts.
Participation in preparation of contracts with contractors and suppliers.
Consultancy in the scope of developing General Terms and Conditions of Contract.
Cost Management
Preparing investor cost estimates and overall cost estimates.
Preparing or verifying framework and detailed budgets.
Monthly throughput forecasts and financial planning (cash flow).
Preparing settlement procedures.
Verifying throughput documentation.
Claim Management
Representing Clients in matters regarding determination of the value of additional, replacement, or unperformed works.
Analysis of claims in terms of deadlines, formal requirements and finances.
Cost validity and level evaluation.
Collaboration with Clients’ legal advisors.
Support in disputes and negotiations.
Business expansion support
Recommending and analysing new investment locations matching clients’ needs.
Specification of guidelines (location, area, communication, availability dates, advertising possibilities, technical needs, etc).
Summary of estimated costs and completion deadlines.
Opportunity and risk analysis.
Support in negotiations and preparation of contracts.
Tender Procedures
Preparation of tender documentation (description of works, cost calculation, tender forms, work performance and acceptance specifications, deadline guidelines, tender procedure description, contractual guidelines, etc).
Conducting tenders on Client's behalf (bidder selection and verification, RFQ preparation, answering bidder questions, summary and verification of bids, conducting negotiations, bid selection recommendation).
Expert Opinions
Opinions and technical expertise as documentation of applications for derogations from technical and building regulations or opinions on the possibility of reconstruction, change of use, etc.
Plot development possibility analyses.
Support on International Markets
Customer support at acquisitions, bidding procedures, negotiations, and conclusion of contracts, as well as at conducting investments, settlements, warranty repairs, or disputes conducted outside of Poland.
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