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We offer comprehensive project management services. From blueprint design through to project delivery
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Establishing project goals. Feasibility analysis.
Verification in terms of formal and legal requirements (spatial development plan, building conditions, obligations to obtain permits or notifications, etc.).
Investment area absorption capacity analysis.
Verifying contractual guidelines for rented areas (tenant handbooks, technical annexes, etc).
Carrying out area inventories
Preparing and analysing alternative design solutions.
Design Management
Coordinating the design process.
Setting and monitoring project completion deadlines.
Verifying compliance of designs with customer guidelines.
Active involvement in the design approval process.
Coordinating design changes.
Archiving and forwarding designs to investment participants.
Technical verification of designs, checking the completeness and compliance of designs with applicable regulations.
Conceptual Designs
Preparing blueprints and descriptions.
Preparing space plans.
Implementing industry concepts.
Preparing 3D visualizations.
Preparing design guidelines.
Pre-selection of materials.
Coordinating concepts with investors and other investment participants.
Construction Projects
Preparing documentation necessary to obtain required permits.
Preparing, coordinating and approval of design documentation.
Preparing or amending of applications for permits and opinions.
Handling correspondence with parties to proceedings on the grounds of the Investor's power of attorney.
Obtaining the required documents and valid permits on behalf of the Investor.
Executive Designs
Preparing blueprints, calculations, and descriptions facilitating detailed valuation and execution of investments.
Implementing and coordinating projects across all sectors.
Preparing technical specifications.
Preparing cost calculations
Interior design
Consulting clients in terms of their expectations and alternative solutions.
Conceptual and executive designs.
Assisting Clients in material selection. Preparing cost calculations.
Preparing 3D visualizations
Furniture, built-in furniture, and decorative fixture design.
Consultations at the fit-out and decorative elements installation stage.
Design supervision
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